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AF2My name is Alex Foster, I’m a keen triathlete and will be racing the 2014 season at 32 years of age.

I’m a member of Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners and Manchester Triathlon Club.

I race for Great Britain age group at World and European championships.

My main goal for the near future is to win a medal at age group racing, I have come close, finishing 4th at the European Champs in turkey 2013 and also positioned 6th in the World Aquathlon and 13th in the World Standard triathlon both in London 2013.

2014 will be my 3rd year of racing triathlon seriously.

Ironman UK 2011 was when I started to train for triathlon, I completed this in 10:46hr and my long term goal is to be racing long course distance at a competitive level.

Here’s a bit about my life so far-

Up to the age of 14 I swim trained with a swimming squad 6 days a week and sometimes before and after school, I competed at county level but was to small to really challenge the best, after stopping swim training I began to grow and started to compete for Tyldesley Water Polo club, we won a national title and i played district and county level.

From the age of 17 I wasn’t involved with competitive sport again till I found triathlon at the age of 29.

[UNSET]So 2011 it was all about getting a big enough base in each discipline to complete Ironman Uk, I have come along way since then and met lots of new friends in the sport.

After Ironman, I set my goal of competing for Great Britain age group, I didn’t have a time scale on this but with me having a massive fitness base I set to work on increasing the speed I would need to compete at short course triathlons.

I qualified at my first attempt by winning my age group in the European Championship qualifier at Grendon Triathlon, this would mean I had already set my next goal which was to be in 13 months, this was great and allowed me to get a full year of racing done and increase the ever important experience.

The 2012 season went well with steady improvement and a number of race wins to my name. (See race results section)

2013 was the best year of my life so far, I came within 6 seconds of a medal at the Euro Champs and raced at the World Aquathlon and Standard Triathlon Champs in London, I was lucky enough to have sponsorship this year which provided me with the best equipment needed to compete at the level I plan to. (See sponsor section)

In the 2014 season my aim is to medal at the European Championships in Kitzbuhel, I will race the main events locally and nationally and also I want to race some different races which should be more challenging.

Please contact or follow me on twitter @AlexFosterTri

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